The State Fairgrounds Development Coalition (SFDC) is a group of concerned citizens, organizations, communities and leaders who advocates for a 21st century urban plan to develop the 160-acre historic Fairgrounds — a future based on  new economy jobs, sustainable green development, regional transit, historic preservation, placemaking, mixed-used 'Mainstreet' 
and the creation of Detroit's Future City Gateway. The SFDC formed in 2011/12 with the goal of influencing the
Michigan State Fairgrounds development in the wake of the closure of the State Fair in 2009.

Why does it matter?

SFDC does not have confidence in the direction chosen by the State of Michigan, so we created the META Expo with a team of highly respected, top metro-Detroit-based landscape architects, architects and urban planners. It is a world-class concept to develop the Michigan State Fairgrounds — and an award-winning plan that Detroit and the region deserves. 
Learn more about it on this website and decide what you think.

Detroit has become the first U.S. city to receive the “city of design” designation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) — certainly the northern entryway to Detroit and our major place of connection to the wider metro region should be a showcase for new design,technology and inspiration, not a sea of parking lots and big box stores. 

What's at stake?

At stake is the future of Detroit and the potential to develop the largest contingent span of available land into something that will bring pride, economic growth, historical place-making, inspiration, blue-green technology and prosperity to our city.

The Michigan State Fairgrounds can be a global center to showcase, incubate and develop all that is accomplished and created in Michigan.


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What is METAexpo?

 METAexpo is a citizens led vision and conceptual masterplan for 21st century transit and economic development at the Michigan State Fairgrounds, in response to the current Big Box Shopping Center development proposal at this historic property. 

It is a visual communication of the collective ideas of community members and a request for public sector participation and planning for our shared future. Scroll down to read more.