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“They don’t want a gentrified place where they no longer are welcome,” said Karen Hammer, resident in the Green Acres neighborhood just west of the fairgrounds and co-chair of the State Fairgrounds Development Coalition, an organization that formed in 2012 to advocate for a grassroots vision for the state fairgrounds.

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Spotlight on the News: Campaign to Promote the Vote & the Future of the-Mi State Fairgrounds

We'll also look at the future of the Michigan State Fairgrounds in De-troit. Karen & Frank Hammer will explain the role their neighborhood coalition is playing in the possible development of the 160 acres near the intersection of Woodward Avenue and Eight Mile Road.

Fairgrounds Development Coalition Says Enough is Enough

Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority spokesperson, David Murray, says there are no deadlines for any decisions. He says the Land Bank is continuing to work with the developer and the City of Detroit.

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Could the Redevelopment of the State Fairgrounds gain momentum this year?

One of the areas up for development in Detroit with the biggest potential is the 160-acre site of the former State Fairgrounds. The area could serve as a great connection between Detroit and the suburbs to the north, but development has stalled over the past few years.


Citizens organize around former Fairgrounds’ future

What’s a neighborhood to do when the city’s largest parcel of land with development potential becomes available at its front doorstep?


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City officials say Magic Plus LLC has one year to finalize plans to develop Michigan State Fairgrounds property

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After Gov. Jennifer Granholm canceled funding for the fair in 2009, the 157 acres of state-owned property had sat in disuse, as the state was still on the hook for caring for the property. Almost everybody involved agreed something needed to be done.




Development Plans For Michigan_State_Fairgrounds Unveiled

Renderings for the redevelopment of the Michigan State Fairgrounds were released Thursday, showing plans for an environment filled with entertainment, retail, mixed income housing, enhanced infrastructure and high quality transportation.


Leery Public Joins Public Officials to Question $200m State Fairgrounds Redevelopment Plan

Despite the release of architectural renderings, issues of transit and accessibility had people buzzing at the latest public forum for the proposed $200 million redevelopment of the old State Fairgrounds in Detroit.

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Farmers around the state are still bitter that the fair was closed. So are local community activists. Nor are they happy with what’s supposed to replace it. Michigan Now’s Chris McCarus met a man near 8 Mile and Woodward who some consider the soul of the community.


Magic Johnson Joel Ferguson State Fair

Earlier this month, the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority board voted to sell the former state fair grounds to three businessmen. Marvin Beatty of northwest Detroit, Joel Ferguson of Lansing and Magic Johnson. But some people are critical of the design and the sale price of the deal. 


Fairground-Zero – Against Long Odds Activists Continue Their Fight For An Alternative Plan

Sitting in the bright and airy living room of their Detroit home, Frank and Karen Hammer recount the battles involving the Michigan State Fairgrounds they’ve engaged in over the years.


Converge 2 Convert – A Human Rights Campaign Intersecting at 8 Mile and Woodward Avenue

Global warming due to human reliance on fossil fuels is the defining issue of our time.  The escalating danger it poses to weather patterns around the world by way of droughts, floods, hurricanes, etc., requires an “all-hands-on-deck “response – globally – if we are to slow it down and ultimately reverse it. 



Transit Oriented Development or Another Strip Mall?






In 1849, when Zachary Taylor was president and Michigan had been a state for barely a dozen years, farmers and merchants held the first state fair in Detroit.


Magic_Johnson-Backed_Detroit Project Could Be A Lot More Than A Theater

Plans for a Magic Johnson-backed Detroit development project at the old Michigan State Fairgrounds site appear on pace for approval from state and city officials.


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Snyder-_State_Fairground Natural Location For Rail Station

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder believes the former state fairgrounds in Detroit would be a "natural location" for a commuter rail station, but a potential land sale could lead to any number of exciting developments near Woodward and 8 Mile.


It’s Official: Former State fairgrounds in Detroit up for re-development

“Here’s a parcel of land, more than 160 acres," Snyder said, "that can be redeveloped in a very positive, constructive way, with residential opportunities, commercial opportunities, industrial opportunities, job opportunities, real community opportunities to integrate with the existing communities.”

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The Michigan Land Bank has advanced the Magic Plus, LLC proposal and will begin contract negotiations and develop a timeline to nail down milestones or the project, which is expected to have quick turnaround.