FEB 5 2018 



2018: A Pivotal Year for the Michigan State Fairgrounds

According to Director Josh Burgett, the Michigan Land Bank “Fast Track” Authority (MLBA) hopes to make a decision about its fate before its March 21, 2018 Board meeting. 

OCT 24 2017



Let's Talk About Climate Change in Detroit...

Do you know about the grassroots climate action efforts underway for a sustainable development at the Michigan State Fairgrounds?

AUG 12 2017






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Jun 24 2012


The glowing report about the Magic Plus LLC – beginning with the frontpage headlines, “Magical Transformation,” and “$1 billion vision” is, however, undeserved. 

Frank & Karen Hammer

What’s YOUR Vision for the Mi State Fairgrounds?

The ORIGINAL Magic Plus plan had an asphalt parking lot taking up 43% of the property – typical of car-based “power centers.”

Frank & Karen Hammer - GWCA Newsletter

State Fairgrounds: Land Grab Under the Radar

A recent statement by a “privatization” advocate at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy put to rest one of the enduring myths about why the State Fair at Woodward and Eight Mile had to be shut down after 162 years of operation. 

Karen & Frank Hammer – Michigan Citizen

Powerpoint: Meta Expo

In 1996, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy began recommending that the state should get out of the state fair business in its entirety.

Frank Hammer - GWCA Annual Meeting

Is a “Power Center” what we need at the Fairgrounds?

Just when “Power Centers” are in decline, why are Magic Plus LLC and the Michigan Land Bank Authority planning one for the State Fairgrounds?  

Frank Hammer - FAC

 SFDC Letter to Governor Snyder

This letter is meant to highlight pertinent issues of the Fairgrounds development not necessarily considered or understood, and to put before you options we think are viable. 

Karen Hammer - SFDC